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Scientific name Carnegiella marthae or C. strigata
Common name Marbled Hatchetfish
Natural Habitat Amazon and Orinoco basins
Appearance The distinctive flat-topped shape is typical of all hatchet fishes; the Marbled Hatchetfishes have in addition a striking barred and marbled appearance in shades of brown and cream
Maximum size Only 1 to 1½ inches
Aquarium Compatibility Peaceful.
Diet Hatchetfish are exclusively surface feeders and have evolved their unusual shape and upturned mouth so that they can take food floating on the water. They will eat proprietary flake and freeze-dried foods as long as they are floating, and will relish any small insects you can catch and drop on the water, but please ensure that these have not come into contact with any insecticide or fly spray.
Notes The hatchet fish is an olympic class jumper so must be kept in a tank with a well-fitting lid. They are happiest in small shoals and will occupy that part of the tank which is otherwise so often empty of fish except at feeding time. They do like some cover from floating plants.

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Marbled Hatchetfish
Carnegiella marthae / C. strigata

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