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Scientific name Pangasius hypophthalmus
Common name Pangasius Cat, Iridescent Catfish, Siamese Shark
Natural Habitat Thailand, Cambodia and South-east Asia.
Appearance Juvenile fish are extremely attractive, the elongated silver body being marked along its length with deep blue iridescent stripes. In adults the stripes are less pronounced although the sides are still extremely shiny (hence one of the common names.)
Maximum size This species can grow to over a metre (39"+) but 8 - 12 inches is more usual in the domestic aquarium
Aquarium Compatibility Peaceful but extremely nervous; best kept with others of its species.
Diet Omnivorous, although juveniles require some live food; adults more herbivorous. Feed on proprietary catfish food, pellets and tablets, plus algae tablets for older fish.

The fish-dealer assured me that these beautiful little fishes (at present around 3" in length) would only grow to six or seven inches..... I will have to wait and see!*

Update : the Pangasius Cats eventually exceeded the dealer's "six or seven inches" by a considerable amount - see this photo - and eventually had to be rehomed to a larger - MUCH larger tank. Fortunately I was able to find an enthusiast with a collection of large tanks and large fish who was delighted to give them a new home.

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Pangasius Cats
Pangasius hypophthalmus

... and the same fish, nine months later!
(Note the Red-Finned Shark in both photos -
same fish, fully grown so the same size in both!)

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