Back left : Selaginella wildenowii; Middle right : Dracaena sanderiana
: unidentified

A mixed planting of Hygrophila, Selaginella and Dracaenea, looking very decorative whilst giving cover for the fish, something for them to nibble on and aerating the water.

Back : Selaginella sp.
Front: Hygrophila polysperma

Left : Hygrophila polysperma (reaching for the surface)
Centre:Selaginella wildenowii
Front right : unidentified

Left : Dracaena sanderiana
Right : Vallisneria spiralis, against a background of Selaginella

A newly-planted Hygrophila plant, already growing strongly.

Dracaena sanderiana
(This is not a true aquatic species and is short-lived in the aquarium.)

Feathery Cabomba caroliniana grows fast and is an excellent oxygenator.

(Back) Amazon Sword plants Echinodorus bleheri
(Front) Anubias barteri caladiifolia

(Front) Anubias barteri caladiifolia

Floating Azolla caroliniana gives much-appreciated shade and shelter amongst its trailing roots

(Top) Azolla from below and (Bottom) from above.

The plants in my aqauarium


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