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Scientific name Melanotaenia Praecox
Common name Neon Rainbow Fish
Natural Habitat New Guinea
Appearance No photograph can do justice to the beauty of the Rainbow Fish : in correct lighting, the sides of the fish flash with brilliant turquoise iridescence and the fins of the male are a jewel red and the female brilliant lemon yellow.
Maximum size 2 inches
Aquarium Compatibility Peaceful and very decorative - should be kept in a shoal to be seen at their best advantage.
Diet Omnivorous - feed on a good quality flake food and supplement with small live food whenever possible.
Notes The Rainbow Fishes all belong to one family, found only in Australasia and the Indo-Pacific region. There are many species, all characterised by the beauty of their colouring.

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Melanotaenia Praecox
Neon Rainbow Fish

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