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Scientific name Microgeophagus altispinosus / Papiliochromis altispinosa / Crenicara altispinosa
Common name Crown Ruby Cichlid, Bolivian Ram, Butterfly Cichlid,
Natural Habitat South America : northern Bolivia
Appearance A very pretty dwarf cichlid, superficially similar to the well-known Ram. Pinkish ventral area, and fins edged with deep pink, the rest of the fish iridescent blue-grey with darker markings.
Maximum size 3 inches / 7cm
Aquarium Compatability Peaceful enough for a community tank unless breeding, providing you don't have any fish small enough to be considered a snack......
Diet Carnivorous but will take flake foods, particularly those formulated for Cichlids..

Hopefully the youngsters I have just bought will produce at least one pair, but the sexes are notoriously difficult to tell apart until they reach maturity.

They are surprisingly shy but the addition of some "dither fish" to the tank has given them more confidence and they are settling in much better now.

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Two of my Crown Ruby Cichlids Microgeophagus altispinosus with some of their new tank-mates -
a nondescript female Platy Xiphophorus maculatus and one of the White-Tip Tetras Hasemania nana.

The Platy (and her companion female Swordtail Xipophorus helleri) and the Tetras are in with the cichlids in
the role of "Dither Fish." This is the term given to a group of open-water schooling fish kept in a tank
containing timid cichlids
, and whose presence in open water and lack of fear persuades the cichlids
that there is nothing to be afraid of and encourages them (the cichlids) to come out of hiding.

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