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Scientific name Metynnis argenteus
Common name Silver Dollar
Natural Habitat South America
Appearance Generally disc-shaped and shiny silver in colour, hence their common name. The dorsal fin is transparent with dark spots, and the caudal fin edged with red; males have a bright red anal fin (see the large fish in the photograph.)
Maximum size 5 to 8 inches in length, slightly less in body depth
Aquarium Compatibility Peaceful; despite their superficial resemblance and relationship to the Piranha, Silver Dollars will not harm your smaller fish. They prefer to be kept in small shoals of 3 to 5.
Diet Vegetarian :Silver dollars will take chunks out of your soft-leaved plants if hungry, so supplement their diet with flake foods with a high vegetable content, available from any aquarists' supplier, and parboiled lettuce or peas. They will also take small live foods on occasion.

My three Silver Dollars were bought as a trio less than six months ago and were barely an inch deep; they have grown at an amazing rate and the largest - clearly a male - has already reached 4 inches.

Silver dollars like to hang out together in amongst the vegetation for much of their time, so provide a well-planted tank.

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Silver Dollar
(Metynnis argenteus)

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