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Scientific name Balantiocheilus melanopterus
Common name Silver Shark, Bala Shark
Natural Habitat South East Asia - Borneo, Sumatra, Thailand and the Malay peninsula
Appearance Shiny silver fish with striking black bands on all fins and dark eye
Maximum size Can grow to 12 inches, but very slow-growing : more usual aquarium length 6 - 8"
Aquarium Compatibility Peaceful : likes to shoal with others of its species and will cruise quietly around in mid-water.
Diet Omnivorous - will happily eat anything you give it. Feed on good quality flake food and supplement with live food occasionally.
Notes The Silver Shark is (like all the other freshwater aquarium so-called "sharks") NOT a shark at all and is peaceful and easily startled. They can jump out of the tank if frightened and so your tank must have a secure lid; they may also dart away to hide, so make sure your aquarium decorations have no sharp edges on which they could injure themselves.

I currently have five Silver Sharks in my aquarium, two about 3½ inches long and three about 2 inches, bought as two separate batches from entirely different sources. Despite the difference in their sizes they shoal together and go about their business quite peacefully, completely ignoring their neighbours.

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